Psychological Test

Imagine you’re in a forest. You come across a cup. What kind of cup is it? Do you keep it? You move on and you see a key. What’s it look like? What does it open? You walk deeper into the forest and you arrive at a house. What kind of house is it? Does anyone live there? You press on and come to a body of water. What’s it like? Do you dip your hands and feet? Go for a swim? Finally you move out of the forest and come to a gift shop. You walk in and a clerk says, “Thank you for playing our Psychological Test! Please choose from our wide selection of memorabilia to remember your visit! Souvenir cups! Key chains! How about this handsome number: ‘I Took A Pyschological Test And All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt.’ Tre chic!” Do you buy anything? Ask to see the manager? Or do you kick the clerk’s ass and trash the joint?


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