On People

Some people are hard to get. Others are easy. Some people like to be got and stay got. Some people would rather do the getting and avoid getting got. Some people get one person and stick to them forever. Some people want to get as many as they can while the getting’s good. Some people are very picky about who to get and by whom to be got. Some are not. They just take what they can get. Some people just don’t get people. Some people read books and attend seminars on how to get people. Some people only get their own gender. Some people only get the opposite gender. Some get both and are kee-razy sex rebels. Some people are not happy with what they got. So they try and go get something else. Some are rendered gotten and rebel against their getter by getting ungot and getting someone else to be their own gotten which really is just a way to get back at the person who got them in the first place. Some people get tired of getting each other and get away from it all. Some people think there’s more to life than getting each other and are hard at work trying to get whatever it is they’re trying to get instead. And some people have realized that people and things and basically everything in life is fundamentally ungettable so there’s no reason to try so hard at getting them. Get it?

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