Horizon Oil Sands Day 2

One thing I noticed when I first started checking out the various buildings on site is that there are vending machines in every building. Didn’t think too much about it, everyone likes sugary snacks, right? Well it turns out that our access cards  (Multipass!) are also coded to give us tasty beverages and snacks from said vending machines if we so chose. The company gives us a credit on our passes roughly equivalent to SIX drinks ($1.75 each) per day. Each employee’s card is reloaded at the end of the month. Pretty awesome.

Got all settled in to my desk yesterday, IT brought me a computer. Brand new, dual monitors, can’t complain. I also have a company email address, and a phone which apparently isn’t connected to anything. All my supervisors/team members/cow-workers seem to be pretty decent people, and all are definitely at least competent. My boss and two of the other guys on the team are from Venezuela, but communication isn’t an issue. Got all the details of my project for the rest of my term, I am basically going to be helping out with a project to replace or re-certify every pressure release valve in the entire project. 459 of them. It should keep me going until December or so.

This morning when I got on the bus I asked the driver if it goes by my business unit (Upgrading and Utilities or U2 for short), and he told me that no, it doesn’t, and that I would have to get off at the first stop and make my own way to my office. Long story -> short, he lied, I got to my desk about 45 minutes late, but everyone was cool with it, so it could have been a lot worse.

Then my computer wouldn’t boot up correctly (except in safe mode) for some reason. IT was supremely unhelpful, but I managed to get it going myself about an hour later, without ever figuring out what the issue was.

The rest of my day was spent working with a spreadsheet, figuring out inlet and outlet sizes and flange widths for the aforementioned valves. Except I didn’t have access to the common drive with all of the info on it. So I was forced to be a google ninja, which worked out much better than I expected. I got the required data for about 270 of the valves. Should be able to bang off the rest tomorrow. Short day tomorrow, I get to leave at noon to go to a co-op student meet & greet thing with some of the bigwigs etc. Free food? Fun. Also, four day work weeks? Pretty awesome.

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