Hi. I’m Lincoln. If you’re reading this, you probably know me already. For those of you who don’t, why exactly are you here? Anyways… I’m a student/web developer/cook/bartender/jack of many trades currently located in Kelowna, BC. People always ask me, ‘well, what do you do?’ … here’s my answer. I cook, drink, read, play, think, bounce, stumble, fall, laugh, cry, breathe, sing, sit, analyze, plot, explore, observe, lecture, and sleep. Not all at the same time though. At least, not usually.

This blog type thing is my own personal soap-box. I’m not worried about entertaining anyone other than myself, and I don’t care if you like or appreciate the content (or lack of it) that I post.

If for some reason you need to get a hold of me, use the nifty “Contact” button at the top. It’ll reach me wherever I am in the world, as long as I have teh internets.