Ha ha, you’re old!

At least that’s what I usually tell people on their birthdays. But I guess the joke is on me this time? Another year older, another year… older.

For a long time I joked that I didn’t bother to plan too far ahead because it would be a miracle if I made it to 25… and now I’m 30. And it looks like I might actually make it to some kind of retirement type age, barring horrible accident or random medical whatsit.

The last decade has been… interesting to say the least. I went from fat, drunk, and pretty much failing at life to fit-ish and sober and failing very slightly less. Some of the time. With lots of variation between each of those points on the way. I’m currently in pretty much the best shape of my life, and still getting better. I’m being productive with my free time, and also volunteering a bit on the weekends as something to keep myself busy, out of trouble, and hopefully also minimize my baseline levels of narcissism [good luck with the last one, amirite?]. It’s also good for warming the sub-cockular region of the heart. Even when it’s black and cold like mine.

I actually have a bit of a plan for the next ten years or so. Not a one-path plan, but one that has a few built-in options. Frankly, it’s always mind = blown when plan A works without a hitch. And I am fully aware that when looking back in ten years, the path I actually took will almost certainly look not a lot like what I think it might look like today. And that’s OK – I’m working on not beating myself up so much for slips and mistakes and whatnot. Hell, if the last ten years is any indication, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I am either president of the universe or homeless in a decade. Hopefully something closer to the former. Maybe I’ll start a cult or something. Hmm. Watch this space if you value your eternal soul.

Every year on my birthday I look back on the previous year, and realize that where I am on that day is almost always not where I expected or planned to be on the previous one. On some years I’m so far away from where I thought I’d be I have to just shake my head and laugh, sometimes it’s only one or two things that are different than what I expected. This one is somewhere in the middle, I think.

Strikes and gutters, ups and downs.

But if you do your best to take care of the days, the weeks and months and years take care of themselves. With a little help from your friends.

I obviously wouldn’t have made it without all of the support and friendship and ‘tolerating my stupid shit while still taking me down a peg or two’ that a surprising number of people have done for me. All y’all know who you are. Sometimes I’m kinda amazed that most of you are still around. So thanks. I hope you are all around in another 30 so we can all sit on a porch and yell at those damn long haired hippies to keep off the lawn.