Hangin’ On

Can’t let it go even though it’s bad for me
I can tell by the look in your eyes
You don’t even really see me here
I just keep on believing these lies

You bring me up you bring me down
To the bottom each time
And when we say goodbye I know in my mind
It won’t be the last time

Don’t leave me hanging on
You’re only interested in me
When you think I won’t stop
Trying to walk out the door
But something about you
Keeps me coming back for more

I’m back, back on the wrong track
and I’m falling, fall for you alright,
And you’re, you’re calling – gonna say goodnight
And I’m dreaming of a life with you by my side

Hangin’ On (Don’t Leave Me) by DeDoz

Living the life, living the dream

I don’t have to explain myself at all, or answer to anyone. I’m happy. My feelings require no justification. It’s a mistake to try to reconcile what I feel with a social classification, because the classification may not really suit me. I start with my feelings, understand them and am comfortable with them. Me, my feelings, and the people I care about are the important things. I’m getting into this unnatural, inverted position of trying to explain myself to people who do not understand. I don’t have to explain myself to the world. I just am, and my relationships just are. If other people want to understand it, then I try to explain to them in basic terms – what I feel, and that I’m happy. That is all that should matter to anyone.