Moving on, moving up

Busy as all hell. Swamped with school work, midterms coming up faster than I can really believe (first one today), and trying to get my fledgling dj career going. But it’s a good busy, at least I’m doing stuff with my life. Everything will work out in the end, it’s just going to be a crapton of work.

Finally had a weekend of “rest,” though I was no less busy than on any other weekend, at least I got a bunch of “me” time. Should have done more homework over the weekend instead of spending a bunch of hours reading for fun, but I’m not stressed about it because I can catch up tonight.

Got to go for a good long ride with Jim yesterday, I’m super glad I picked up the bike.

When it’s bad, this too shall pass. When it’s good, remember it for when it’s bad. No moment exists except this present moment, and thus no moment can ever be more important than this one.