The light at the end of your tunnel needs to be maintained

I think I’ve had more people tell me I look tired this past two weeks than in any other period of my life. So far I’ve heard it at least two or three times per day. I’m doing about 70+ hours per week right now between work, school, and homework, and also another 16/week of my motorcycle riding course. I’ve also probably drank more coffee since school started than I have in the rest of my life combined. But it’s all worth it.

Getting my life together, going to school, got my eyes done, bought a motorcycle, meeting new people, doing new things… life is good. I’m tired as all hell but it could be worse.

Supposedly the engineering course load is way heavier in first year than in second and third years, just to weed out the weak and uncommitted. Apparently there’s a 50% failure/drop-out rate in year one for engineering students. I’m not even done the second full week and I can see why. The amount and level of work they are piling on us is absolutely absurd. I almost feel bad for all the kids who dove into this head first right after high school, at least I have the advantage of some real life experience under my belt and can manage my time well when I have to.

All I know is that I am going to stick with it, and that it is worth the time and money I’m putting in to it. That, and that it’ll be nice to sleep in when I finally get a chance to on October 1.


It’s September! That means that it is time for you to get the fall version of SPRING FEVER! Doesn’t everyone on the street look so good you could just eat them! But you shouldn’t. That is just your brain having problems. You do not really want to eat them, probably! Probably you just want to get to know them so well that you can kiss, and then kiss maybe again and again until it is time to stop kissing and you can just go about your business until you see someone even BETTER.