More Excuses

I’m too weak

too slow

too big

I ate too much for breakfast

I got a headache

it’s raining

my dog is sick

I cant right now

I’m not inspired

makes me smell bad

I’m allergic to stuff

I’m fat

I’m thin

it’s too hot

I’m not right

I’ve got shin splints


I’m distracted

I exerted myself too much

I’d love to really but I can’t

I just can’t

my favorite show is on

I’ve got a case of the Mondays

the Tuesdays

the Wednesdays

I don’t want to do this

I want to do something else

after new years

next week

might make a mistake

I’ve got homework

I feel bloated

I have gas

I got a hot date

my coach hates me

my mom won’t let me

I bruise easily

it’s too dark

it’s too cold

my blister hurts

this is dangerous


sorry I don’t have a bike

I didn’t get enough sleep

my tummy hurts

it’s not in my genes

I don’t want to look all tired out

I need a better coach

I don’t like getting tackled

I have a stomach ache

I’m not the athletic type

I don’t want to get sweaty

I have better things to do

I don’t want to slow you down

do I have to do this

soon as I get a promotion

I think I’ll sit this one out

and my feet hurt

Fuck nice

Fuck nice. Nice is overrated. Nice is very often a lie. We’ve all been stabbed in the back, exploited, and robbed by people who look “nice.” Con artists are often “nice.” Nice is easy. Decency is hard. Over the years I’ve run into people who weren’t exactly nice but were decent. Even though they appeared unpleasant at first they would do the right thing, very often at expense to themselves. Nice and decent are light years apart. Nice is just smiling and showing a minimum of social graces. Sure it helps make life go a bit smoother, but decency would do far, far more. How many times have we run into a nice person who was monstrous underneath? What did Shakespeare say? “One may smile and smile and be a villain?” Watch out for those people.